Types of Toilet Seat Designs for Your Home

toilet-1113tm-pic-128Over the years we have observed an evolution in terms of toilet designs. There has been a rapid change in designs, types, colors and even hinges used in the installation of toilet seats. The toilet seat is made up of 2 major parts; the top part and the seat. These two parts are used for different purposes and are very well connected to each other,

The hinges make it easy to clean the toilet. It should also be noted that the toilet seats are made of different material such as porcelain, plastic, steel and even metal to suit different budgets. Here is an outline of the different types of toilet seat designs.

Wall Mounted

Wall mount type toilet seats are usually meant to ad decor to the bathroom. They make it easy to clean the floors of the bathroom since they are fixed to hang over the floor levels. This style is very expensive compared to other models.

Open Front

Open front toilet seats look like a U and are very common in homes and even in public restrooms. They have developed to resemble a U design so as to protect the toilet against urine drips from males. They are also very safe since the genitals do not touch their surfaces.


The majority of elongated toilet seats is made of stainless steel and provides extra space. They are very common in commercial premises.


Circular toilet seats are considered the most traditional of the designs and are commonly found in homes. They rarely have any gaps in front and are available in white and also other colors.

Support arm

Mostly, support arm designs are meant for the older crowd to provide them with support. It’s common in hospitals and readily available in white color.


Padded toilet seats are made of a padded seat to offer that extra comfort you would like to have at the toilet.

No matter the type of toilet seat you have, your bathroom is always at its best when sparkling clean. Call The Maids of East Bay.