How to Combat Rust Stains on Sinks, Tubs and Faucets

4417-101413-gs4417As much as you may take precautions to keep rust stains out of your sinks, tubs and faucets, rust may just find its way to them because of their constant exposure to water. If you have noticed rust on any of these things, you may want to start taking steps that will help you get rid of them as soon as possible. This is because as you continue to wait, the rust stains will continue to grow. Rust will never be an attractive addition to your home. If you have tried removing these stains, you know that they cannot be removed using simple cleaning techniques. Fortunately, there are things that you can do to get rid of the rust stains on your sinks, tubs or faucets. Here is what you should do when you spot the stains:

Use Chlorine Based Cleaners

These cleaners can help you get rid of the rust stains and other types of stains that are present in your sink, bathtub or faucet. Follow the instructions on the label of these products if you want to get the results you desire.

Use Mechanical Methods

If the chemical cleaners do not help you get rid of the rust stains, you have to clean your tub, sink or faucet using mechanical methods. Get a thick bristle brush that you are going to use to rub the surfaces. If you don’t already own one, you could buy one from your local store. To remove the stains by mechanical means, spray a cleanser on the stained surface and let it sit there for a while. Scrub the surface using the thick bristled brush until all the stain is gone. You have to be patient and rub until the stain is removed. Sometimes, it may take more than a day of rubbing to completely get rid of the stains.

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